Friday, 5 December 2014

Record Review - The Beautiful Girls

Published in the Shortlist section of The Sydney Morning Herald, November 21.

The Beautiful Girls
Dancehall Days

Four years after their last effort, an album which seemed to herald a permanent end to a decade of touring, decent album sales and general sun-soaked musical frivolity, The Beautiful Girls return with a new cut. Unfortunately, it does little to reignite any fire which may have existed before.

Limp and restrained, Dancehall Days is directionless, a collection of tracks lacking in any real originality, instead ripping from a raft of other genres, a jarring hodge-podge of bits and pieces that neither knows what it is, nor where it’s going.

While a few of the tunes (‘Until My Kingdom Comes’, ‘Control’ and the title track) are happy little finger-snappers, they lack the energetic bounce TBG had in their day. Even if they didn’t, they’d be overwhelmed by the insipid, hollow dub and reggae beat that permeates the rest of the record, making for a disappointing effort from a group who should know, and can do, better.

Samuel J. Fell

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