Friday, 12 December 2014

Record Review - Eric Bibb

Published in the December 2014 issue of Rolling Stone.

Eric Bibb
Blues People
ABC Music / Universal

The blues has been kind to Eric Bibb – fifty years, dozens of albums, worldwide acclaim; Bibb has the music running through his veins. With his latest studio record then, he’s given back, Blues People being a tribute to the original creators of the music, a homage to their struggles and triumphs.

Along with such luminaries as Taj Mahal, the Blind Boys of Alabama and Guy Davis, Bibb explores a variety of styles that tell these stories, and while the style change, song-to-song, sometimes grates, it’s when he gets back to basics – simple fingerpicked acoustic blues, his gentle yet strong voice flowing over the top – that he truly shines. Not his best cut, but still flashes of brilliance from this unsung hero of the blues.

Samuel J. Fell

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