Friday, 14 November 2014

Record Review - Bad Brad & The Fat Cats

Published in the Shortlist section of The Sydney Morning Herald, Friday November 14.

Bad Brad & The Fat Cats
Take A Walk With Me

Bad Brad & The Fat Cats hail from Austin, Texas, a trio who specialise in high-octane electric blues Рno quarter asked, none given Рa heady m̩lange of Chicago shuffles, 12-bar porch-burners and general sweaty party tunes, south US style.

Traditionally a three-piece (Brad Stivers on guitar and vocals, his brother Alec thumping tubs and Nic Clark on harmonica), their second cut (recorded live in the studio) sees them bring in a number of guests to bulk out their sound, most notably Dwight Carrier adding a touch of Zydeco courtesy of some nice accordion playing on ‘See My Way’, a move which breaks up the set nicely, as does Lionel Young’s tasteful slide guitar on ‘Other Side’.

Elsewhere, it’s blues guitar lover’s heaven, Bad Brad perhaps taking the spotlight a little more than he needs on a few tracks, but ultimately producing what is by no means anything new, but something that’ll back your next southern-styled BBQ and beer bash a treat.

Samuel J. Fell

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