Friday, 29 May 2015

Record Review - June Low

Published in the Shortlist section of The Sydney Morning Herald, Friday May 29.

June Low

Brisbane singer-songwriter Emma White, performing under the June Low moniker, has with her debut LP produced one of the most beguiling folk records of the year thus far.

Obviously no stranger to the intricacies of subtly building a song so it seems bigger than perhaps it first appears, White has created something here that pulsates with quiet power and poise. Exhale is very much about her songs and voice, both are given plenty of room to move, the simple instrumentation – acoustic guitar, soft keys and sparse percussion for the most part – playing a back-up role, which works wonderfully well.

Opener, ‘Alone’, with its pop edge draws you in, tracks like ‘Are You Gonna Be The One’ and ‘Two Twos’ exude gentle melancholy while the title track, showing off White’s solid guitar technique, adds a more upbeat element. Throughout, her voice wavers, ebbs and flows, an instrument in its own right. A debut well worth waiting for.

Samuel J. Fell

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