Friday, 8 May 2015

Record Review - Dan Hannaford

Published in the the Shortlist section of The Sydney Morning Herald, May 8.

Dan Hannaford
Dragging Canoe Records

After a number of years solid gigging across northern NSW, Dan Hannaford delivers the goods with his debut long-player, twelve tracks road-tested and true, a rock solid slab of dusty country and ragged-edged blues, as honest as the day is long, twice as real and raw.

Broken into two obvious parts, the album showcases songs usually played solo but in this instance fleshed out by a number of crack session musos in Los Angeles late last year. The high-octane numbers get a run first up, wavering, crunchy country-blues replete with fiddle, horns and Hammond, ‘Train Wreck’ a standout.

From there, Hannaford turns it down, the second half of the record (featuring some fantastic pedal and lap slide over his guitar and rough-hewn vocal) focusing on his strong songwriting, his heart on his sleeve, truth dripping from every phrase. He’s no novice, and has released a few EPs, but this LP displays a rising roots music talent, a stormer of an album.

Samuel J. Fell

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