Friday, 28 September 2012

Record Review - Mia Dyson

Commissioned for the EG section of The Age, but not published.

Mia Dyson
The Moment
Black Door Records / MGM


With the release of new record The Moment, Mia Dyson has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is one of this country’s most important young artists.  For despite the fact her previous three releases have captured hearts and minds alike, encapsulating as they did her rough-hewn yet whiskey-smooth voice, her formidable guitar prowess and the inherent honesty prevalent in her songwriting, it’s this new one which is set to propel her above and beyond.

Crossing a wide range of styles under the roots umbrella – from lilting country-tinged balladry to grinding rock ‘n’ soul to bluesy twang – Dyson pulls together the pain and the anguish, the happiness and joy she’s endured these three years past whilst residing in the US, to create a thundering statement of intent, songs so real they hurt.

Opener, ‘When The Moment Comes’, builds into a huge, lumbering beast, her guitar at the forefront; ‘Tell Me’ tugs at your heartstrings with a refrain that’ll rend you in twain; ‘Cigarettes’ burns slow and strong, a gutsy Lucinda Williams-esque number that ties up an album for the ages.  This record, this collection of ten songs, was the moment Mia Dyson became great.

Samuel J. Fell

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