Sunday, 9 September 2012

Record Review - Hat Fitz & Cara

Published in the September issue of Australian Guitar.

Hat Fitz & Cara
Wiley Ways

Held together with spit, baling twine and a general scruffy bonhomie, Wiley Ways is, with its boisterous blues grooves, its meandering folk lines, its subtle Celtic influence, a record for the ages which crosses continents with consummate ease, as at home in the outback of Australia as it would be in the Emerald Isle or the deep south of the US.

Produced by guitar guru Jeff Lang, there’s a certain, earthy feel running through the recording, easily identifiable in Hat Fitz’s blues picking, his trusty old guitar the foundation for the record, and a platform for Cara Robinson’s soaring, heart-aching, gut-wrenching vocals.  With Wiley Ways, Fitz and Robinson have crafted as genuine a blues record as you can hope to find in this day and age - simple, powerful, full of the inherent realism we've come to expect from these two, a stellar effort.

Samuel J. Fell

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