Thursday, 12 July 2012

Record Review - Bustamento

Published in the Metro Section of the Sydney Morning Herald, July 6.

Intrepid Adventures To The Lost Riddim Islands
Three and a half out of five

The intrepid musical adventurer within Nicky Bomba knows no bounds, as is evidenced here with his latest in a long line of projects, Bustamento.  Not content to merely thump the tubs with brother-in-law John Butler or front the expansive Melbourne Ska Orchestra, Bomba has delved deep into the mystical, sunny sounds of 1950s Jamaican folk (mento), combining it with his own Maltese musical heritage, not to mention his love of reggae and ska, to come up with this tropical gem.

What at first seems like children’s music for adults (prominent vocals; easy-going rhythms), soon seeps its way into your heart, its cheeky lyrics a nod and a wink to the fun contained within.  Heavy on the horns with lashing of keys, this is a musical adventure, a winter warmer to be sure.

Samuel J. Fell

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