Friday, 13 July 2012

Record Review - Blues Traveler

Published in the August issue of Rolling Stone.

Blues Traveler
Suzie Cracks The Whip
429 Records / Universal

Over the past 25 years, Blues Traveler have traversed almost every genre imaginable, all whilst rooted in a happy, sing-a-long variety of ‘90s acoustic guitar-laced pop, which has been nice.

With their 11th studio record though, it seems they’ve been side-swiped and so have descended into the mire of 2012 pop, courtesy, methinks, of S*A*M & Sluggo, producers here, who have sandpapered the ragged corners and reduced a solid, rough-around-the-edges band to the same level as the rest of the great unwashed.  Despite the band’s dalliances with reggae, country and blues here, it’s not enough to cut through the sheen, it’s just not Blues Traveler.  And that’s not nice.

Samuel J. Fell

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