Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Record Review - Geoff Achison

Live At Burrinja Café
Jupiter 2 Records

What is perhaps most surprising about Live At Burrinja Café, the latest from Melbourne blues-based guitar slinger Geoff Achison, is that it stands as his first ever live acoustic release.  Over the past two decades he’s released a number of live cuts, as well as a couple of all acoustic records, but never a combination of the two – this makes Live At Burrinja Café a welcome addition to the Achison canon then, not least of all because of the quality of playing contained within.

Solo acoustic is as naked as a musician can get, but this is where Achison excels.  Showcasing a wide variety of originals and covers (JJ Cale’s ‘The End Of The Line’ and the Allman Brothers’ ‘Whipping Post’ amongst them), all to a tee soaked in the subtle six-string trickery/mastery Achison is famous for, this is a set which reeks of realism and honesty, it’s like you’re right there.

Samuel J. Fell


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