Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Out The Corner Of Your Eye

Published in Inpress Magazine (Melb), 27th July 2011

Periphery (short excerpt below)

Bringing to mind the brutal precision of Fear Factory or Strapping Young Lad, Periphery precipitate a new dawn in metal.  And yet they don’t, for much of what they do has been done before and much of what they strive to do is too much of a new tonic which raises the hackles of the old faithful who continue to pine for something new that truly represents the old, and with the exception, to my mind, of Lamb Of God, Job For A Cowboy and perhaps The Haunted, this has been slow in coming.

The behemoths of the old age are dead and buried, for the most part, and the new guard insist upon watering down their offerings – singing vocals and soaring, melodic interludes? – failing once again to sate the appetite which for so long has churned and pained and plagued the collective metal stomach.  And so one must turn to their trusty record collection, or delve deeper into the underground (and even this is becoming a harder task; there is, after all, only so deep you can go before needing to surface for air) or suck it up and dig what’s being offered up as metal in this day and age, at least in some small part.

Dinosaur metal junkies though, well, they don’t call ‘em dinosaurs for nothing and there’s a new guard of rabid hard music fans and this is their staple, this is what they’ll look back on in 20 years and lament the loss of (at the same time, looking back even further and wondering what that fuss was all about) – so Periphery are at the forefront of that, and for the old guard, at least there are elements of those earlier industrial strength bands in here and take that if you will and ignore it if not.

Samuel J. Fell

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