Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Record Review - Leanne Tennant

Published in the November / December issue of Rhythms magazine.

Leanne Tennant
Red Wine, Late Nights

Singer-songwriter Leanne Tennant’s second record is a raw affair, stripped back and simple, a quiet power emanating from this clutch of songs, both personal and broad, all relatable.

Tennant’s voice takes centre-stage for the most part, whether soaring or almost whispering, the addition on ‘The Pages Are Still White’ (a song about writer’s block) of Luke Daniel Peacock, who’s possessed of a deep, ragged voice, a fine counterpoint. ‘Lay Me Down’ is perhaps the gentlest track on the record, fingerpicked guitar and Tennant’s voice, there’s a certain vulnerability to the song which softens the edges and the creeping onset of dark that defines a lot of the rest of Red Wine, Late Nights. The album closes out with ‘No More My Lawd’ on which Tennant really shines vocally, a powerful way to wrap up what is a fine record.

Samuel J. Fell

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