Monday, 10 October 2016

Preview - Jordie Lane

Published in the November issue of Rolling Stone (Aust.), October 2016

Jordie Lane, New Album

Jordie Lane gets nervous when it comes to making albums. His 2008 debut, Sleeping Patterns, was a long time coming, and once he’d briefly toured it, he literally fled the country. Three hard years then passed before the follow-up, 2011’s sublime Blood Thinner, and now, five years has passed, a gap in which Lane released an EP (Not Built To Last) and a live set (Live At The Wheaty), but a gap conspicuous for its lack of an actual album. Until now, as he prepares to release his third long-player, Glassellland. True to form though, it didn’t come easily.

“It took a long time to get in the head space and actively start writing,” he concurs. “But it did finally feel like we had something new to say, something we were passionate about.” Glassellland is the result of Lane coming together with collaborator Clare Reynolds, with whom he’s worked before, and stands as a sort of amalgamation of the DIY of Blood Thinner, and the slickness of Not Built To Last.

“I didn’t want it to be either of those, I really wanted to get the best of both worlds,” he confirms, “the na├»ve makeshift rawness, then the audio quality of the modern digital recordings.” The results are something Lane needn’t be afraid of – Glassellland marries the two approaches with aplomb, retaining his Americana foundation, but not being afraid to embrace a range of aesthetics.

“It’s burst open the bug for creating new stuff,” he says, a sure-fire sign it won’t be five years before the next record.

Samuel J. Fell

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