Saturday, 16 July 2016

Record Review - Seratones

Published in the Shortlist section of The Sydney Morning Herald, July 15.

Get Gone
Fat Possum Records / Inertia

Released on the legendary Fat Possum label, which this year celebrates 25 years, the debut cut from Louisiana quartet Seratones doesn’t waste time getting to the point. The punk aesthetic of Chokin’ On Your Spit kicks off a record which brings together not only three chord thunder but a slew of roots influence befitting a group based in the thriving music town of Shreveport, a crossroads of sorts for blues, country and soul sounds – Get Gone is a mish-mash, and it works extremely well.

Produced by Jimbo Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers, North Mississippi Allstars, Buddy Guy), the album is for the most part a high-octane affair, vocalist AJ Haynes’ voice a velvety beast capable of New York grit ‘n’ spit, howls and croons, the perfect foil to the ever-changing sounds she’s riding over. Guitar, bass and drums provide same, easily handling the punk (Chokin’, Sun), the garage rock (Trees, Don’t Need It), seamlessly slipping into hazy evening mode (the title track) then finishing with the slow and dreamy Keep Me. It’s a record which covers a lot of ground with scruffy aplomb, a new rock ‘n’ roll sound.

Samuel J. Fell

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