Monday, 31 August 2015

Record Review - Lost Ragas

Published in the Shortlist section of The Sydney Morning Herald, August 28.

Lost Ragas
Trans Atlantic Highway
Stovepipe Records

What began as a side-project (resulting in one of the roots albums of the year in 2014), has blossomed into its own entity, Lost Ragas dropping their second cut in as many years, the unimpeachable Matt Walker leading the way once more.

Picking up where they left off, with Trans Atlantic Highway this quartet (Walker, Shane Reilly, Roger Bergodaz and Simon Burke) produce a deep and dark country-tinged rock record that shimmers with menacing intent as they mine the darkest corners of the respective songwriters’ minds.

Wavering pedal steel melds with minimal percussion to create backdrops Guy Clark and Dale Watson would covet, which when you add in muscular guitar and Walker’s mournful vocal, results in another astounding album from these unassuming maestros.

Samuel J. Fell

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