Friday, 24 July 2015

Record Review - The Revelers

Published in the Shortlist section of The Sydney Morning Herald, Friday July 24.

The Revelers
Get Ready

Louisiana swamp-pop outfit The Revelers return with their second record in only a few years, obviously buoyed by the positive reaction to their 2012 eponymous debut. And it picks up where they left off – accordion-led, sweaty roots tunes, a swinging, swampy party from beginning to end.

Where The Revelers shine is in their ability to meld a variety of genres, without diluting the end product. Lashings of zydeco, creole and Cajun influence permeate more traditional blues, jazz and bluegrass sounds to create a buzzing paean to what American roots music has become.

Sung in both French and English, Get Ready sees the band add a bit more punch to their sound, although some tracks (‘Outta Sight’ for example’) come across as a little too accessible – their strength is in the traditional, and so to water things down seems beneath them. The majority is solid though, as you’d expect from players of this calibre – if you’re a true roots music fan, this one is worth checking out.

Samuel J. Fell

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