Friday, 30 January 2015

Record Review - Matt Andersen

Published in the Shortlist section of The Sydney Morning Herald, January 30.

Matt Andersen
True North Records

Canadian Matt Andersen is a thinking man’s blues player, one more concerned with how a song comes together, how it feels to the ear, rather than flashy guitar pyrotechnics or stale, overused blues platitudes. It’s this considered approach he’s brought to his latest release, one which sees him in top form.

Recorded under the watchful eye of Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin, and including two co-writes with Joel Plaskett, Weightless indulges in a range of styles, from the slow funk of opener ‘I Lost My Way’ to the New Orleans-esque title track to the bluesy bounce of ‘Alberta Gold’. As such, the album isn’t so much a blues album, as much of his back catalogue is, but more a collection of rootsy songs that showcase his songwriting and arranging abilities. Throw his rough-hewn voice over the top, and you’ve got a thoughtful and precise album, which ticks all the right boxes.

Samuel J. Fell

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