Saturday, 25 October 2014

Record Review - Lanie Lane

Published in the Shortlist section of The Age, Friday October 24.

Lanie Lane
Night Shade
Ivy League

So far away, stylistically, is Lanie Lane’s new cut from 2011 debut To The Horses, you’d not think this was the same artist. Gone is the clean-cut rockabilly blues, the feathery vocal, the endearing rootsy naivety. In its place is a soaring album, wreathed in shimmering guitar and lush, warm soundscapes, an ethereal pop jaunt fronted by someone whose voice is by turns, tough and soft, assured and perfectly placed.

With help from Belles Will Ring guitarist Aidan Roberts, amongst others, Lane here emerges as a true master of her craft. The songs pulsate with energy, melody at their core, each offering more to explore.

With Night Shade, Lane has crafted an album of intense poise and power, majestic and demurring all at once, a true gem.

Samuel J. Fell

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