Thursday, 22 May 2014

Record Review - Shaun Kirk

Published online at The Sydney Morning Herald, May 22.

Shaun Kirk
Steer The Wheel

There’s little doubt Shaun Kirk is one of the hardest working young rootsters on the scene today. His touring schedule is regularly hectic, his work ethic is relentless; he wants to get to the top, and he’s prepared to put in the yards to get there.

This is all well and good, but does the 26-year-old Kirk have the chops to back it all up? Live, he’s a powerhouse, and so it’s reassuring to see him bring this energy to disc this time around. And not only that, but of the five LP/EPs he’s released thus far, Steer The Wheel best showcases his versatility as a blues/soul player.

From the crooning of ‘Stitches’ to the organ-driven, raw vocal stomp of live favourite ‘Find Me A Lady’ (with a fine cover of Tony Joe White’s ‘As The Crow Flies’ in there too), Kirk has it covered. The fact Jeff Lang’s rhythm section – Grant Cummerford and Danny McKenna – are backing up, is icing on the cake.

Samuel J. Fell

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