Saturday, 23 November 2013

Record Review - The Lachy Doley Group

Published in the Shortlist section of the Sydney Morning Herald, Friday Nov 22.

The Lachy Doley Group

With the release of his second solo record, renowned organist Lachy Doley has well and truly stepped from the shadow of the myriad big names with whom he cut his teeth.

Armed with his trusty Hammond C3 and the very rare Whammy Clavinet D6 (of which there are only around twenty in the world, Doley having the only one in Australia), and backed by bassist Jan Bangma and drummer Adam Church, he proves that he’s so much more than just a keysman for hire – he’s entirely comfortable taking a leading role.

While the record itself is rooted in soul music, it traverses a fair bit of territory, from the churning, bass-driven ‘The Walking Dead’ (vaguely reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’) and the rock ‘n’ roll ‘Paper Plane’, to more introspective, vocal-driven numbers like ‘Six Feet Under’. And it’s his roughhewn vocals, as well as some fine songwriting, which really show how far he’s come on his own, S.O.S allowing that to come through unfettered. One to watch further.

Samuel J. Fell

For more info on The Lachy Doley Group, head to their website here.

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