Monday, 7 October 2013

Record Review - Lime Cordiale

Published in the Shortlist section of the Sydney Morning Herald, Friday Oct 4.

Lime Cordiale
Falling Up The Stairs
Chugg Music

There’s a fair bit of buzz about on Sydney quintet Lime Cordiale, and after seeing their set at the recent BigSound conference, you can see why. They’re as their name suggests; sweet, summery, easy to get into. Their pop-laced, brass-tinged rock ‘n’ roll the perfect accompaniment to long, sunny days spent sipping brews with friends.

This is captured to a tee on their second EP, five tracks that espouse a carefree, upbeat vibe, as catchy a set of tunes as you’re likely to hear. Where they stand out though, amongst a sea of carefree, upbeat pop bands, is in their ability to write some of the most memorable and melodic hooks this side of Abbey Road.

Lead single ‘Bullshit Aside’, with its faintly reggae-ish vocal inflection, is all lush sing-a-long. The title track slinks along, the bass very much in the front. But it’s ‘Sleeping At Your Door’ which steals the show, a song which is almost literally summertime in song form – Beach Boys, eat your heart out.

Samuel J. Fell

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