Monday, 30 September 2013

Record Review - Adalita

Published in The Big Issue, September 23.


Having already proven herself away from the band that made her name, it seems, with her second solo release, that the only person Adalita had anything to prove to this time, was herself.

For it appears this record was born of a period of serious self-reflection, personal growth and that age-old songwriter’s muse, moving on. The emotion which pours from these songs is so real it almost literally throbs with each note, with each down-strum, with each drum beat. Indeed, this is as personal a record as you’re likely to hear all year, and it’s this honesty which makes All Day Venus more than just a mere rock ‘n’ roll record.

Working with regular Magic Dirt producer Lindsay Gravina, Adalita has kept this one musically simple, which gives her lyrics all the more room to shine. Against a fuzzy electric backdrop (it is still a rock record at heart), she espouses on lost love and friendship with a uniqueness and gravitas that show, hopefully to her too, that she’s one of the best around.

Samuel J. Fell

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