Friday, 24 May 2013

Record Review - Carrie & The Cut Snakes

Published in the Shortlist section of the Sydney Morning Herald, May 24.

Carrie & The Cut Snakes
Carrie & The Cut Snakes


The most important thing about the debut release from Brisbane country-billy blues band Carrie & The Cut Snakes, is frontwoman Carrie Henschell’s voice. It’s been a while since I’ve heard such a straight forward, honest, Australian vocal – think The Waifs, that accent is unmistakable and here, it lends a solid strain of authenticity to what Henschell is singing about – you really believe her stories, there’s no doubt involved.

And it’s the stories which are the second most important aspect to this album. Drawing on her love of Cash, Parton and Presley, Henschell also brings in some Guthrie in that her songs are so simple, which makes them all the more powerful. Add to this the subtle-yet-strong country/blues instrumentation the Cut Snakes bring, and you’ve got a cracker of a debut record from a real up and comer. Destined for bigger things indeed.

Samuel J. Fell

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