Monday, 15 April 2013

Record Review - Endless Boogie

Published in the Shortlist section of the Sydney Morning Herald, Friday April 12.

Endless Boogie
Long Island
No Quarter

Four out of five

It’s reasonably fitting that New York quartet Endless Boogie are signed to the Brooklyn-based No Quarter – for that’s what they give, their third LP, Long Island, being no exception. From the opening feedback squall, through eight tracks (only two of which clock in at under nine minutes long), the Boogie do what they do best, and that’s deliver the finest drone/stoner rock that exists on this planet today – no quarter asked, none given.

The Boogie began as a jam band, just four guys having fun, and it shows in the records they eventually released. This is very indulgent music, light on vocal, just slow, grinding guitars, swelling up and down, over a rock solid, constant beat – it is indeed an endless boogie. The 14-minute The Montgomery Manuscript brings it all home on Long Island, waxing and waning, a stoner triumph, as is the entire record, head-nodding jams from heaven.

Samuel J. Fell

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