Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Record Review - Minnie Marks

Published in the Sydney Morning Herald (Metro section), February 22.

Minnie Marks
Voodoo & Honey


Debut records from young prodigies can be fraught with danger. They can be saturated with over-indulgence, with general inexperience; hearts in the right place, but failing to capture what they’ve been so solid at, in the live setting to date.

Voodoo And Honey, the debut from 17-year-old north-coast guitar wunderkind Minnie Marks, is, thankfully, for the  most part on solid ground.  Marks’ guitar playing is incendiary, whether ripping into some high octane contemporary blues (Jack In The Box, the title track), or strumming laconically (Smoke Filled Eyes, which also showcases her nicely developing voice). Her songwriting, for one so young, is surprisingly mature, but the use of drum tracks on all but three numbers woodens up a loose, promising release, which is a definite downside.

Samuel J. Fell


  1. whats does woodens mean?

    1. In this context, it means it stiffens it up - makes it less loose... SJF