Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Record Review - Little G Weevil

Published in the Metro section of the Sydney Morning Herald, Friday January 18.

Little G Weevil
The Teaser
Apic Records

After even a cursory listen to The Teaser, the second cut from Kennesaw, Georgia, bluesman Little G Weevil, you can tell the man is a master of boogie blues.  This one is a steam train, to use an old blues reference, it chugs and bounces through a selection (all bar one, original) of Chicago-style boogie guaranteed to have you tapping, nodding, up and dancing.

In amongst the electric though, Weevil takes time to step back a little, bringing in some hill country (‘Back Porch’ and ‘Dad’s Story’), just him and a single acoustic guitar along with his deep baritone vocal, which brings some nice balance to an otherwise raucous, electric release.  It’s during the finger-snappers though, that Weevil shines – if you’re not moving during ‘Big City Life’ or ‘Highway 78’, you’re dead.

Samuel J. Fell

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