Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Record Review - The Sheepdogs

Published in the Sydney Morning Herald, October 26

The Sheepdogs
The Sheepdogs


With their self-titled fourth record, Canadian country/rock purveyors The Sheepdogs, have laid down an absolute cracker.  Mired deep within the sounds of the early ‘70s – shimmering country slide, jangling acoustic guitars interspersed with jagged electric riffery, soaring vocals (courtesy of Australian-born Ewan Currie) and punching keys – this record stretches out and just runs, a luxurious and continuous soundscape that transports you to a time when it was all about lush, warm music and little else.

Combine that with a solid, modern rock ‘n’ roll sound – Dandy Warhols-esque vocal falsetto, Soundgarden-ish soloing, thick and rumbling guitar lines – and you’ve got a record that sits just as well now as it would have then.  Think The Band jamming with The Black Crowes and you’re in the ballpark – great album.

Samuel J. Fell

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