Monday, 20 August 2012

Q&A - Mia Dyson

Published in the Five Notes section of the September issue of Rolling Stone (Aust).

Mia Dyson

Location, Location, Location
Three years ago, Mia Dyson upped stumps and headed to the Land of the Free. “I grew up listening to American music and so I just wanted to come here and experience it for myself,” she muses.  “It’s been a really tumultuous time, but… I don’t regret it and I love how I’ve grown.”

Back To Square One
Relocating to a new country though, you’ve gotta start at the bottom again.  “Yeah, I did,” Dyson laughs.  “But I had the experience, and I had the three records… it was really humbling and really scary, but I also really enjoyed performing [again] to people who’d not heard me before.”

High Water Mark
Despite the fact Dyson had some ‘downs’ whilst in the US, there have been plenty of ‘ups’ too.  “I guess opening for Stevie Nicks,” Dyson smiles.  “I loved that, she was a sweetheart.  I got to hang out with her and jump up on stage [with them] as part of the show as well.”

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This
While Dyson’s manager, Dave Stewart (Eurhythmics), wanted her to change her image to that of an androgynous artist named Boy.  “Yes [he did],” she says.  “I sat with it for a while, and actually made myself sick… he had some big ideas, exciting things… but I’d built my career grassroots style in Australia, and that’s what I wanted to do here.”

The Moment
Dyson is just about to release her fourth LP The Moment, a record which sees her in career-best form.  “I think it’s my best work yet,” she affirms cautiously.  “It’s influenced by the difficult time I had moving over here, trying to find my feet… I’m really proud and confident about this record.”

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