Monday, 28 May 2012

Record Review - Saint Jude

Published in the Metro section of the Sydney Morning Herald, Friday June 8th.

Saint Jude
Cobra Snake Necktie Records / Love & Theft Records

Birthed from the swirling, country-tinged rock ‘n’ roll sounds of their parents’ record collections, Melbourne quintet Saint Jude’s eponymous debut is a veritable treasure trove of the used and the second hand.  Little Feat, The Faces, The Band, it’s all there in abundance – jangling guitars, country twang, a bit of rock ‘n’ roll swagger, it’s as warm as your favourite jacket, comfortable too.

In amongst the familiar however is a distinct Australian flavour, a grittiness which when combined with some of the best four-part harmonies you’ll hear, marks this one as more than just an imitator.  Lashings of keys and horns add an extra element too, acoustic guitars mixing with electric, the mood swinging effortlessly from carefree to melancholy in what is a more than solid maiden release.

Samuel J. Fell

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