Thursday, 5 January 2012

Record Review - Ani Difranco

Published in January issue of Rolling Stone.

Ani Difranco
¿Which Side Are You On?
Righteous Babe / Shock

More than three years after last record Red Letter Year, acclaimed songstress Ani Difranco returns with another in Which Side Are You On?, a rootsy, full-figured crusader of a record tackling rabid consumerism, flaccid government and a crumbling planet, not to mention getting older and “being totally OK with the process”, as Difranco herself obviously is.

The Pete Seeger-penned titled track, on which he appears here, is the cornerstone, a funky finger-snapper, bookended by a mixture of folkish whisps and rootsy grooves, all showing you don’t have to be Rage Against The Machine to get a poignant point across, as Difranco has always done.

Samuel J. Fell

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