Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Record Review - Raphael Saadiq

Raphael Saadiq
Stone Rollin’

Hot damn!  Check this out cats and kittens, set yr bangs and grab yr bubblegum, prepare yourselves to worship and fawn, what a dreamboat, Raphael Saadiq we love you, yr tunes are new and alive, this hasn’t been done before, where have we been?  Where have you been?  Screams and screeching from the girls, cool adulation from the boys, what is this black music that we’ve heard so much about but have been warned off of by our parents, respectable white middle-class people that they are?  More screaming and rending of garments, damn!

The desperation in the vocal delivery, it paints vivid pictures of the sex barely concealed beneath the smooth rhythm and blues grooves, oh the primal spirit being unleashed before our very eyes, it liberates and frees you, it’s like nothing that you’ve ever experienced before – makes yr breath come in short gasps, doesn’t it?  Make yr very loins tingle, those teenage loins before barely used and yet pondered upon almost religiously, the possibility and the intrigue, the danger and the naughty taboo of it all, all fired just from these songs, these songs about how he loves (he’s talking about you, you know that right?), how he can’t live without you, how he needs and wants you – and it is about you, yr loins are telling you so.

Oh man, the feeling rising within, you can barely contain yourself, you don’t know how to react to the bluesy bounce, to the soul and the velvet smoothness of the whole thing – this is NEW.  When yr parents were out dancing at your age, they didn’t have THIS.  This has NEVER been done before and so be prepared for the radio to be awash with these sounds, with Saadiq’s mystique, with this INNOVATION and these SONGS… oh man, yr swooning, I can see it happening, how have you ever lived WITHOUT this music?

Samuel J. Fell

Stone Rollin' is available now through Sony.

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